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Preface ii - Chinese: A Comprensive Grammar.

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The writing of this second edition of Chinese: A Comprehensive Grammar has given us the opportunity not only to amend errors in pinyin notations but also to introduce a number of new findings.

Following the comments of reviewers, we have rewritten the chapter on Prosody and Syntax and have added four new chapters: Morphology and Syntax I and II, Intralingual Transpositions, and Interlingual Conversions.

In the revised chapter on Prosodic Features of Chinese, we have looked further into this area of grammar, and we hope that we have been able to provide a more developed analysis of the interaction between prosody and syntax in the language.

We have introduced the chapter on Morphology and Syntax (I) in an attempt to make the grammar comprehensive in the sense that it covers Chinese word-formation rules, which are essentially related to syntactic detail.

In Morphology and Syntax (II), which naturally follows from this, we offer a close analysis of the interaction between microsyntax-based lexical constructions (i.e. words, expressions or idioms) and macrosyntactic constructions (i.e. phrases and sentences).

Intralingual Transpositions samples plausible conversions between different sentential constructions within the language. Finally, Interlingual Conversions focuses on the essential syntactic differences between Chinese and English. It is not to be taken as a chapter on translation, though inevitably it does touch on the subject.

Parts of the additional chapters inevitably reiterate some of the grammatical points already made in the book, but we hope that they offer a xx fresh approach to Chinese syntax.

We owe thanks to many people, but we are most indebted to Andrea Hartill, the senior editor of Routledge, whose enthusiasm for this project and words of encouragement have given us the impetus to complete this revision of the book with its five new chapters. Her assistant Isabelle Cheng has also provided enormous help and support.

We would also like to mention the help of the Library of the University of Leeds and the SCONUL scheme, which have given us access to library facilities throughout Britain.

Finally, it goes without saying that any faults and errors are entirely the responsibility of the authors.

YPC and DR
January, 2015 

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